Posted July 6, 2020 at 08:10 pm

edit 7/20/20: a family member has been in the hospital and i have been sick myself, things may continue to stutter a bit, especially with beetle and the hollowbones coming out so soon! a lot of my time is being spent with that. it’ll be out on the 4th! I have so much to do, but like i said in the original comment below, nothing will keep me away from DS for too long. thanks for reading! 


Thank you for your patience as always. As we near the release date for my graphic novel I find myself newly swamped with a thousand little tasks. 

I am running a preorder campaign for Beetle right now where folks who email me a preorder receipt for the book get a free 16-page TTRPG that I wrote in the same universe (it is also free for patrons). More details here: alizalayne.com/Preorder-Campaign

this story continues to be important to me, although often stressful and difficult to write because it is so personal. I'm glad you are with me! Things may continue to stutter, but we will reach the end together. 

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