Posted December 7, 2018 at 01:17 pm

After monday's update I am going to take the rest of the month off to thumbnail the end of demon street, so the pages can be produced quickly and with no delays. I hope to be able to update some of this final section in batches so that page-to-page readers will find the experience easier and more satisfying. I will see you on monday, and then after that, in the new year with the rest of this story in my hand, ready to finish the pages at speed.

To be honest, I've been dissatisfied with the speed at which I've been able to make this scene, although I was thumbnailing an entire graphic novel at the same time under quite a tight deadline. Still, I want to feel like I'm holding all the cards, not like the momentum of the story is uncomfortably pulling me along. Also, these pages are sad and drawing them made me so sad that I would put it off. But planning can fix that too.

Thank you, and have a happy holiday to those celebrating. 

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