Posted October 29, 2018 at 01:52 pm

Hello! As these pages have been going slowly, I have been hard at work writing the script for the entire end of the comic. It's written now, and I am considering whether to take a 1-2 week hiatus after this scene to thumbnail all of it, so that finishing will be fast and easy. I am in the middle of thumbnails for the other graphic novel I'm working on, (Beetle and the Hollowbones, that one will be in stores in 2020) just now, so it would make things more simple, but I'm not quite sure yet and I will keep you posted. Thank you especially to my patreon subscribers, whose support essentially makes up most of my food budget in a given month, making finishing DS at the same time as my other work immeasurably easier. (By the way, If you're curious about my other book, patrons are going to see the absolute most about it before it comes out and they have the ability to suggest monsters for me to include in it, if that's something you're interested in.)

If I do take the time to thumbnail it all, it will make setting an end date for the comic possible too. You'll be the first to know what I decide!

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